The core of the of GEOKOAX heat exchanger technology is passive turbulence. The continuous change from laminar flow to turbulent flow increases the heat transfer coefficient by 20 % in the case of a 10 ft. (3 m) heat exchanger and by up to 100 % in the case of a 33 ft. (10 m) heat exchanger as compared to U – bend configurations. (Source: RWTH (Rheinisch Westphalian Technical University) Aachen)


The GEOKOAX heat exchanger features about 13 times as much carrier fluid volume as conventional 1.00" Single-U–Bend systems. The coaxial tube is filled with a heat carrier liquid with particularly low viscosity and serves to store heat. This permits a precise release of the required energy at a constant temperature and also longer down-times of the heat pump, extending equipment life and enhancing annual performance figures.

Contact surface area

Contact surface area

The geometric concept of the GEOKOAX system means that the contact surface area for geothermal energy is more than 6.6 times that of conventional U – bend configurations (comparing 0.75" Single U-bends with 5" GEOKOAX). Additionally, the surface of the outer pipe is a smooth, homogenous surface which facilitates grouting in a continuous column avoiding air pockets.

Low borehole resistance

Conventional U – bend piping configurations have proven to be suboptimal for the transmission of energy due to the non-uniform spacing between the piping and the surrounding geology. The concentric orientation of the GEOKOAX coaxial outer pipe ensures that the annular space between the coaxial heat exchanger and the ground is uniform leading to significantly lower borehole resistance. This makes for much better transfer of energy which is reflected in annual performance figures.

Low borehole resistance
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Our projects

Effective all types of geology, with any heat pump system, in new and existing buildings, in all sizes. GEOKOAX products have a proven track record with more than 1,200 installations. Our projects are our best recommendation.

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What geothermal energy offers

Use free geothermal heat not only to heat your property, but also to cool it. Operating costs are minimal, the energy generated is environmentally friendly and eligible for government grants.

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Spanning properties ranging from residential and commercial buildings to hospitals and office buildings and including open-air structures such as bridges and railway points - GEOKOAX will heat and cool whatever you require.