GEOKOAX in figures

We have successfully installed more than 1.5 million feet of the GEOKOAX heat exchanger. In other words and numbers this is equal to


Projects installed




kW Output/year


Reduction in CO2 emissions in tons/year

Reliable planning of geothermal energy

GEOKOAX Inc. is an innovative international full service provider of geothermal heat exchanger technology with offices in New York City and Upstate South Carolina. We successfully implement your projects in North America with our partners and industry experts. 

GEOKOAX Inc. was awarded several times for our outstanding technology, e.g. with the '2017 IGSHPA Commercial Innovation Award'.


Reliable planning of geothermal energy
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Our projects

Effective all types of geology, with any heat pump system, in new and existing buildings, in all sizes. GEOKOAX products have a proven track record with more than 1,200 installations. Our projects are our best recommendation.


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What geothermal energy offers

Use free geothermal heat not only to heat your property, but also to cool it. Operating costs are minimal, the energy generated is environmentally friendly and – in most countries – eligible for government grants.

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Spanning properties ranging from residential and commercial buildings to hospitals and office buildings and including open-air structures such as bridges and railroad switches - GEOKOAX will heat and cool whatever you require.