Our guidelines for managing your project:

  • We develop customized solutions – environmentally sound, efficient, anywhere.
  • We assume responsibility. With every contract. Right from the start.
  • We offer you reliability in planning through close consultation with the relevant authorities.
  • We place great importance on clear communications, a professional attitude and on enjoying what we do.
  • We honor arrangements and commitments and give only recommendations of which we are convinced ourselves.
  • We work in partnership with our customers and suppliers and seek to actively involve them in the development of solutions to problems.
  • We work in a transparent manner. Carefully planned, targeted and effective use of the right measures, means and resources means that our work is verifiable and our results are measureable.
  • We respect our business partners and each other. Fairness, trust and tolerance in our dealings with customers, business partners and amongst ourselves are hallmarks of our behavior.
Expert and experienced partners

Expert and experienced partners

We have a network of expert partners with the expertise to install geothermal heating and cooling systems in a safe, effective and economical manner, in line with your requirements and specific circumstances.
Our technology allows you to comply with specific water restrictions imposed by local authorities, including those restricting drilling depths. We thus provide reliability in planning. We have been able to turn around numerous third-party projects, which were risk of failure in the planning or construction stage.

All external installation work covered

Our planning process begins with the determination of the specific energy yield of the soil and a feasibility study. Reputable geological institutes are tasked with determining the potential by means of simulation programs, which forms the basis of the calculation of the size of the heat pump. In case of large projects of 30kW or more, we also carry out an assessment of the heat conductivity of the ground by means of a Thermal Response Test (TRT). If a combination with solar energy or similar seems sensible and realistic we will include this in our planning.
Our experienced partner companies are tasked with the drilling, dropping downhole, the filling of the fluid into the probes, backfilling and compressing of the borehole . All external installation work is carried out. We are happy to fit our work around the timing of other construction work on your building.

All external installation work covered

Personal consultation

We would be very pleased to provide you with further information. Please get in touch with us.