Adopt geothermal energy and save up to 70 % in energy and CO2

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This heating and CO2 emissions calculator will show you, in just a few steps, your personal savings potential for heating and CO2 emissions. This calculator is a free service provided by geoKOAX GmbH.

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The energy consumption value of your house is . There is thus an need to take action. If you were to carry out a modernization of your energy supply, for example through the installation of a heating pump, you could save approx. % of your energy consumption and reduce your heating bills by approx €. You could achieve additional cost reductions by switching to a heat exchanger fuel tariff. You could reduce your CO2 emissions by approx. % and kg/pounds. You can reduce CO2 emissions to nearly zero by using electricity from renewable energy.
Changing your energy supply to geothermal energy is - in most countries - eligible for government grants.
As a result of the modernization of your energy supply and using renewable energies you can make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases.
Detailed advice on how to achieve this is available as part of our energy efficiency advice service.

* The calculation is based on DIN 4701/03 and the related simplified HEA procedure. The simplified HEA procedure is intended to provide an approximate determination of the maximum heating requirements for central heating systems in existing buildings if it is not possible to determine accurately the factors required for the DIN 4701 calculation. The calculation requires one answer to be ticked for each question. The calculation is valid for buildings subject to the German Wärmeschutzverordnung 1995, i.e. for buildings constructed before 2002. It is not suitable for newer buildings with strong insulation. The method is to be used to buildings with rooms with a normal clear room height of 2.5m/8ft 2in. The calculation is not intended to replace the German Heizlastberechnung according to DIN EN 12831. No liability is assumed for completeness or correctness of the results.

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