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We have successfully installed more than 480.000 meters/1.5 million feet of the geoKOAX heat exchanger. In other words and numbers this is equal to


Projects installed



172 000

kW Output/year

11 200

Reduction in CO2 emissions in tons/year

Reliable planning of geothermal energy

The goal of our innovation projects is to enable you to use inexhaustible geothermal energy anywhere, for any type of construction project – with reliable planning, environmentally friendly technology and at minimal cost. Using our geothermal heat exchanger you can use geothermal energy not only for heating but also for cooling your building, even in areas with limitations to drilling depths and including sensitive areas where drilling depth is limited. That's our promise.

Reliable planning of geothermal energy
Technical Performance

Technical Performance

The technical performance of geoKOAX technology, which has been proven in more than 1,000 national and international projects, allows you as the owner or operator of a property to contribute significantly to climate protection and to reduce your operating costs by a meaningful amount. A reduction of 70% in heating costs and in CO2emissions in existing properties, coupled with a short payback period on the investment present a compelling argument for a geoKOAX solution.

Geothermal Energy from a single source

As a driving force in innovative close-to-surface geothermal technology, geoKOAX GmbH offers not only heat exchanger technology, but also customized complete solutions for the heating and cooling of buildings covering all external installation work. We offer professional project management by a team consisting of an international network of engineers, planners, project managers, drilling professionals and geologists. Our team is prepared to deal with any challenges presented by regional planning restrictions and stands for top quality.

Geothermal Energy from a single source
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Our projects

Available for use in all types of soil, with all ground source heat pump systems, in new and existing buildings, in all sizes. geoKOAX products have a proven track record covering more than 1,200 installations. Our projects are our best recommendation.

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What geothermal energy offers

Use free geothermal heat not only to heat your property, but also to cool it. Operating costs are minimal, the energy generated is environmentally friendly and – in most countries – eligible for government grants.

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Spanning properties ranging from residential and commercial buildings to hospitals and office buildings and including open-air structures such as bridges and railway points - geoKOAX will heat and cool whatever you require.